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Our Iberian hams are made with high-quality raw materials in the same way as with a real masterpiece. They come from Iberian porks raised and bred in our pastures where they graze freely. This fact encourages the growth of subcutaneous fat, which enhances the flavour of this unique masterpiece of our gastronomy. Iberian hams are pleasure for the palate, just as music to your ears. You can enjoy lonely these meats or share with your colleagues. You all will love their taste at first bite. Check out our website and find out a real "Iberian products Museum" where you can buy our Iberian acorn-fed ham: the crown jewel. If you'd rather softer flavours, you can buy our Iberian cereal-fed or fodder-fed ham full of delicate nuances. In addition, boneless and knife-sliced pieces are now available so that you don't have to worry about anything. Serve and enjoy!

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€140.25 (VAT incl.)
Sometimes you deserve to enjoy pleasures twice: taste our Iberian cereal-fed ham from Guijuelo with fragrant notes and nuances, result of a traditional elaboration process. We try to protect the quality of our...
€123.75 (VAT incl.)
The delicate nuances and original flavours contained in each piece of Iberian fodder-fed ham will melt on your palate. An extraordinary ham resulting from the quality of its raw material and its curing process. A...
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