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Every Yebra cold meat has a distinctive and unique flavour full of personality. You will appreciate the properties of these cold meats at the first bite! The secret of their flavour lies in the artisanal elaboration process supervised by our artisan masters and the most superior Iberian pork cuts used for them. Every piece is accredited with the Iberian certification due to its breed and feeding. Buy Iberian acorn-fed loin high in protein, sodium and vitamin B3. Try our acorn-fed salami spiced with black pepper and full of lean nuances. You'll be amazed by the tenderness our our Iberian acorn-fed chorizo and its balanced fat and paprika content. Our Iberian cold meats will delight the most discerning palates. Once you taste one of them you will want to repeat! Awaken your senses with these Iberian cold meats melting in your palate.

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€58.52 (VAT incl.)
A harmony of flavours for those who enjoy good Iberian products. Enjoy the nuances, aromas and textures of this pieces.This cured acorn-fed pork loin is a masterpiece, the ideal product for any occasion. A savory...
€55.77 (VAT incl.)
A fine, popular and delicious piece. This cured acorn-fed pork loin 100% Iberian is characterised by its soft texture and symmetrical marbling. You won't forget its flavour full of delicate nuances that will melt in...
€43.73 (VAT incl.)
These pieces are the result of a careful elaboration process in which all components are joined successfully. Our cured cereal-fed pork loin is an excellent product cured in natural drying cellars at an optimal...
€38.78 (VAT incl.)
Every piece of cured fodder-fed pork loin 50% Iberian is unique. We aim to please your palate with the notes of a signature dish, pure nuances and creative textures. Enjoy these select cold meats from our gastronomy....
€16.50 (VAT incl.)
The secret of this masterpiece is in pork's breed and feeding and artisans' craftsmanship and passion. Our cured acorn-fed butts are intended to delight customers with their excellent flavour, aromas and nuances....
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