Iberian Acorn-fed Salami in Thick Casing

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Gluten free

Pieces with their own identity! This high valued delicacy is the result of our artisan masters' craftsmanship. The Iberian Acorn-fed Salami in Thick Casing will delight every palate with its smooth aroma, succulent texture and black pepper notes which enhance its delicate flavour. Long-lasting and fine! Measuring the quality of these Iberian pieces is impossible. AVERAGE WEIGHT: 1.3-1.6 kg whole piece

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€19.90 (VAT incl.)
(€14.96 Kg)
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This Salami represents the purest tradition. It is delicious and savoury. Every piece of this Iberian Salami portrays the quality of our artisan masters' craftsmanship. It is taken from superior Iberian pork cuts and carefully matured in natural drying sheds. Can't get a better result. It offers a balance between the lean meat, the fat, the black pepper and other spices to delight the palate. Measuring the quality of this product is almost impossible.

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