Pork neck

Buy the best pork neck available in the market. Soft texture and intense flavour in every mouthful. Our Iberian pork cheek has a marbled bright red flesh which guarantees its quality. An extremely tasty Iberian pork neck! DESCRIPTION: this piece is taken from the musculocutaneous tissue of porks located in the neck area. PACKAGING: 1 case x 3 pcs AVERAGE CASE WEIGHT: 0.5 kg

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€4.51 (VAT incl.)
(€9.02 Kg)

We would recommend you purchase frozen products to preserve all nutrients and prevent them from deterioration. The cold chain must not be interrupted to keep the product from losing its properties when defrosted.

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Pork neck is taken from the pork skin and muscle tissues. It is a fatty and succulent piece, perfect for many culinary applications including casseroles. Its flesh portrays the characteristic marble-like pattern of acorn-fed porks due to its fat and muscle tissue. When slicing it you can appreciate its uniqueness in terms of quality and its bright pinkish-white flesh.

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