Cereal-fed Shoulder 50% Iberian

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Gluten free

Tasteful on palate, unforgettable from your mind. These Iberian Cereal-fed Shoulders allow to enjoy easily the best Iberian flavour from Guijuelo. CURING MONTHS: +22

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€57.75 (VAT incl.)
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This Iberian Cereal-fed Shoulder delights every palate. Its flesh, unctuous and delicate, melts in the mouth and leaves a unique aftertaste result of our exceptional curing process and Iberian porks. Stylised, dark and marbled! Buy our Iberian Cereal-fed Shoulder to enjoy all its organoleptic properties and taste the real delicacy of Guijuelo.

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Tasteful on palate, unforgettable from your mind. These Iberian Cereal-fed Shoulders allow to enjoy easily the best Iberian flavour from Guijuelo. CURING MONTHS: +22
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